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Color My Rights: Coloring Book for Mary Beth Tinker's Tinker Tour


Mary Beth Tinker is one of the plaintiffs in Tinker v Des Moines, a famous Supreme Court case that established free speech rights for students and teachers. Mary Beth launched the Tinker Tour in 2013 to educate students about their rights and support them in standing up for their rights.

I designed many graphics for the Tinker Tour. One of my favorites is the coloring book that helps young people learn about their free speech rights while having fun painting pictures. The coloring book was updated for the 50th anniversary of the armband action that led to the court case. Click here to view the latest coloring book.



Artwork and Photo Editing for Aviva Kempner's Film, "Rosenwald"


Aviva Kempner's latest film, Rosenwald, documents the extraordinary life of Julius Rosenwald, a wealthy businessman who worked with Booker T. Washington to build more than 5,500 schools for African American children in the rural South. Rosenwald also funded the work of a wide variety of African American artists, including Marian Anderson and Langston Hughes. Learn more about the Rosenwald film here.

My work on the Rosenwald film included cleaning up damaged archival photographs (such as the photograph shown above) and creating graphics (such as the birth certificate shown above). My work on the film helped me to master Adobe Photoshop.



Let Freedom Sing: Book for Young Adults by Carolivia Herron


Carolivia Herron (librettist) and Bruce Adolph (composer) teamed up to create a fabulous opera about Marian Anderson's famous 1939 concert at the Lincoln Memorial. The opera wove in Carolivia's mother, Georgia, and her Uncle Jack, who were teenagers living in Washington, D.C. and were present at the concert. The opera was performed to rave reviews at the Atlas Theater and THEARC.

When Carolivia and Bruce decided to develop a book for young adults based on the opera, I was delighted to be chosen as the illustrator. I completed 10 illustrations for the book, including the front and back cover. The back cover is shown here, featuring Marian visiting Jerusalem. Listen to our WAMU interview here!



Frederick Douglass National Historic Site


The National Park Service manages Cedar Hill, the property in Anacostia where Frederick Douglass lived from the age of 59 until his death. My watercolor illustration hangs outside the Visitor's Center as a 5-foot by 15-foot banner, featuring Frederick at various stages of his life: as a young boy learning to read, fighting plantation overseer Edward Covey, enduring the lash, orating before rapt audiences, and writing in his office at Cedar Hill. I feel immensely privileged to have painted this brilliant and beautiful man, whom I consider one of the founders of American democracy (and my personal favorite).  


Sharon Doetsche-Kidder, Writer

CFS banner  

I developed the cover artwork for Sharon's book, "Social Change and Intersectional Activism." It is about love, faith and joy in activism engaged in by people who have multiple facets in terms of ethnic, gender, sexual, and other identities.

The book cover was designed by the Palgrave Macmillan design team, incorporating my illustration.