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Pearl Coalition: Booklet Design


I designed this booklet for the Pearl Coalition, the non-profit education, arts, tourism and social enterprise organization.

The Pearl Coalition is centered on the historic Pearl Escape of 1848, where about 77 African-Americans tried to flee from slavery and bondage in Washington, D.C., reigniting the abolitionist movement.

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John Eaton Elementary School: Booklet Design

  The John Eaton Elementary School, founded in 1910 as the first public school in Cleveland Park, is celebrating its Centennial this year.  Its history captures in miniature the larger history of the Cleveland Park neighborhood and Washington, DC.  Archivist/curator Lucinda Janke and I teamed up again to research the history of this remarkable school and to document our findings in a 16-page booklet.  My watercolor illustration shown here is featured on the cover.

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John Eaton Elementary School: Web Design

  I designed and developed the web pages for an online exhibition about the John Eaton Elementary School, incorporating additional pictures and information that we could not fit into the booklet described above. This project was generously supported by a grant by the Humanities Council of Washington, D.C.

Note: the online exhibition is temporarily unavailable, as the Eaton school is presently redesigning their website.


Coalition for Franklin School: Banner Design

CFS banner   The Coalition for Franklin School (CFS) is dedicated to restoring the historic building at 13th & K Streets, NW designed by Adolf Cluss in 1869.  In an age when public schools have deteriorated, but are needed more than ever as the foundation of our democracy, Franklin school is a symbol of our commitment to public education. 

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Working closely with curator Lucinda Janke, I designed nine 3-feet by 7-feet banners for an exhibition about the Franklin as a model of public education in the District of Columbia.  The exhibition, which was funded largely by the Humanities Council of Washington, DC and the Kiplinger Foundation, debuted at the Historical Society of Washington, DC on July 18, 2010.  From there, it moved to the John A. Wilson Building, and will soon be displayed at the Charles Sumner Museum.

Please visit the coalition's website for a wealth of information about the school and the campaign to restore it to serve its educational mission.